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CELL SEO: The Search Engine Optimization Tool

Effective use of CELL SEO can lead to improved website ranking in search results, increased traffic, and enhanced brand awareness. By providing accurate analytics and detailed information about competitors’ performance, CELL SEO represents one of the best SEO tools for use in identifying and implementing the most effective strategies for SEO experts to optimize their website and achieve their marketing goals.

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The best websites, blogs and pages ready to publish

You don’t need websites, blogs, or pages to publish in Cell SEO. You can manage building the best backlinks and guest posts safely to improve your ranking faster on search engines.

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Publishing on your websites, blogs and social media pages.

Add your websites and improve your network marketing management with the highest efficiency with Cell SEO.

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Social media - PBN - Building the strongest and the most complex marketing strategies. Guest posts - Backlinks

Release your creativity in building the strongest strategies and the most difficult marketing techniques and defeating competitors through us.

You can implement what was difficult easier and faster than you expect.

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Organize the categories of your old articles and your website ranking

Do you have an unorganized website? Well, with Cell SEO you can organize your old articles and place them in the appropriate categories in your website with only one click of a button.

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Automatic linking between pages which are published by your website

Improve your PBN network management and make it stronger through automatic linking between content pages when you publish articles.

Linking between articles of the appropriate category to the published page.

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Reuse and update previously published backlink pages

Make everything you publish increase your strength and don’t waste it. You can use all the pages you published again and add improvements and links to them.

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Building complex internal content strategies and implementing them easily

Release strategic thinking to innovate in building internal content strategies with the help of artificial intelligence from Cell SEO. Defeat competitors and take control of your plans.

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Analyze the internal links of your website and edit them 

Analyze the neural network of your websites and improve the support between internal web pages to improve your ranking speed on search engines.

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Monitoring the regularity of publishing on your clients' websites easily

Don’t let publishing delays surprise you because of managing multiple projects. With just one screen, you can track the regular work of your writers and editors and ensure that everything is progressing according to your plans without delays.

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Advanced analysis of competitors' content pages for the keyword

Analyze the strength of competitors’ content and compare strengths, key headlines, entities, and values through the best model of advanced neural network analysis that simulates Google’s algorithms.

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Keyword ideas 

Extract distinctive ideas and all related keywords in your business field, your website’s specialization or the targeted keywords.

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SEO content builder assistant 

The most professional assistant for detailed analysis and appropriate content creation to search engines with the highest quality and best guidance.

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AI article set builder

Simply input your titles and generate multiple articles easily with a single click.

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Get backlink reports

Download the backlink reports you have published and send them to your clients to ensure the credibility of your work.

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Add your client team and customize permissions

Don’t work alone, add your work team and organize permissions to achieve the highest production and growth rates with your clients’ electronic sites and stores.

The CELL SEO tool is one of the search engine optimization (SEO) tools that offers a range of functions to help enhance the visibility of websites on search engines. Its features include the ability to conduct detailed searches for keywords, analyze website performance in comparison to competitors, identify weaknesses in content, and other functions related to improving both on-page and off-page SEO for websites.

Additionally, the tool provides capabilities for improving the technical aspects of websites, optimizing content to meet search engine standards, and strategies for off-site SEO improvements such as building backlinks and increasing brand awareness. These functions aim to increase website visits and improve their ranking in search results, contributing to increased sales and engagement with the content.


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Question And Answer About Usage

Yes, you can add your network of websites or clients’ websites to Cell SEO, manage and improve publishing by us.

We give you the ability to increase your credit points in all of our services provided in Cell SEO during subscription.

Yes, it’s important to note that any balance in your account will be reset to 0 upon the expiration or renewal of the subscription.

Cell SEO offers WordPress and Blogger websites with DoFollow links, while other platforms provide NoFollow links.

The sites provided by the tool don’t contribute to an increase in spam according to Moz metrics in any way.

Google’s penalties are a result of personal practices by the site manager, not the sites used to support your pages. 

In over two years with Cell SEO, we haven’t received any penalty complaints from our users or partners despite Google’s updates. If you don’t have sufficient expertise, we recommend seeking help from an expert for secure execution.

Links are permanent, except in rare exceptional cases, such as errors causing damage to some pages of a site. Generally, your links remain published.

No, The links of your website that you published in Cell SEO in the form of a guest post or backlink won’t be deleted. What is stopped when you stop subscribing are the published footer links if you are a user of the gold package

NFT means that if you publish on the websites or pages provided by Cell SEO, the published pages belong to your account, and you can access and edit them whenever you want.







We aim to continuously add influential platforms to our development plans.

Cell SEO employs the best programming practices to provide a secure and efficient service model that suits the needs of businesses.

Footer links are provided only in the Gold package and are deleted once the subscription ends.

Not everyone can purchase the Gold package, you need to contact us to see if we can provide it to you.

You may not be able to renew the Gold package after its expiration because the number of users is limited. Another user may have subscribed during your pause. You can renew with other packages and enjoy their features until your ability to subscribe is restored.

Due to continuous developments and future plans, we cannot offer lifetime packages.

Yes, you can request a refund within 3 days of activating the subscription if your resource usage is less than 5%. 

Refund processing takes up to 30 days from the day of the refund request.

Yes, we have the latest versions of GBT Chat to assist in easy and fast content writing.

According to our assessment of the damage resulting from a violation of our work policy in Cell SEO, your subscription may be restricted, your account may be frozen, or your account may be deleted, including stored account activities. Your use of all our services may also be banned in case of policy violations, including the following:

Unusual activity that harms our performance, such as excessive use of certain features and service aspects provided in our programs.

Intentional behavior to cause damage or disruption to our services through programs or other tools that cause sudden pressure on our servers.

Unethical behavior, whether direct or indirect harm to others, is strictly prohibited.

Violent content that implies nudity, sadistic slavery, and illegal traders is prohibited.

All acts contrary to the noble Islamic religion, such as gambling, films, series, and content promoting unethical things under the names of opinion or art, are strictly prohibited.

Opposing the policies of government countries is an explicit violation that we do not accept. 

This clause only applies to content for which we have the privacy to access, such as (posting on sites and pages owned by the tool), and it may expose you to legal and judicial accountability.

Using our tools to deceive and violate the rights of others and those working on our tools, such as material and moral rights, is an explicit violation that we do not tolerate. If proven against the account owner, the stored user data will be deleted, and the account owner will be permanently banned.

Unjustified attempts to harm services and their individuals are considered unacceptable violations in our work policies.

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