Terms of Use

Agreement on Terms of Use

You immediately agree to our policy and everything contained in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy if you use cell SEO.

It is forbidden to rent out your accounts to other users:

Cell SEO allows you to add users to your account to help manage your business, but if it is confirmed that the user is renting an account to another user, we will take appropriate action, including deleting all previously posted links and suspending his account activity without refunding the money. Violators are not tolerated by the side.

Stolen material:

If it is confirmed that the user is using stolen content from other sites in backlink campaigns, his account activity will be restricted and he will not be able to recoup his money.

Adult content

Adult content and any content that relates to the following are prohibited during link-building campaigns:

• porn.

• Skin commerce.

• Terrorism and violence.

• Bloody pictures.

• Pornographic and murderous incitement.

• Wars.

If a user’s use of the forbidden content types listed above is confirmed, his account will be stopped and his payment will not be returned.

You may claim additional points:

If you have used up all of the points allotted to you in your subscription, you may purchase additional points for your account and utilize them within your subscription period.

suspicious behavior:

If we discover that your account activity is based in a manner designed to harm the tools, we will suspend your account and you will not be able to reclaim your payments.

Dependencies on usage style:

We are not obligated to bear the consequences of your use of the tool, even though we are confident that cell SEO employs a 100 percent safe and useful system, but sometimes the unhealthy way of using methods and tactics can backfire, so we will not be responsible for any consequences that occur to users’ work and it must be used with caution. Each user accepts his or her own job options.

Laws update:

Cell SEO has the right to alter the laws and conditions of use and privacy in accordance with its policy whenever it sees fit, without being required to notify users via email or other notification mechanisms, as long as the updated information is posted on the company’s official website prior to usage.


Cell SEO collaborates with SEO Corridor to continuously develop and update its work systems, and there may be some updates for which the user fee must be increased; however, if the update occurs during the subscription period, you will not be obligated to increase the fees if imposed only on the renewal date.


This service is purchased, and money can only be refunded if there is a problem that stops you from executing your work for more than 72 hours due to a malfunction of our system.